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Family History

It all started in 1859 when Casper Thenhaus brought his family to America. Casper brought his family from Heepen, Westphalia, Prussia to Burton Township, Adams County, Illinois.

Casper Heinrich Tenhouse married Hanne Friederike Habicht on 27 June 1851. They lived in Heepen at house number 4. In Germany farmers lived in town and went out to work the fields. Many small villages have a barn next to the house with cows or pigs, all right in the middle of town.

Hanne was born on 25 September 1824. Casper was 15 years older than his second wife Hanne. Casper was 42 and Hanne was 27 at the time of their marriage. Together they were to have seven children. Casper had six by his first marriage.

Hanne had the job of raising Casper's three remaining children , the other three had died young eight months after their mother had died. Men had to marry very soon in order to have someone to care for the children. At the time of their marriage Henriette was 13, Carl ( Charles ) was 11 and Fredericke 6. Hanne quickly began their own family and had three children when Casper decided to move to America.

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